I am a native “Abilenenian”. I have lived here all my life and married my high school sweetheart, BRAND JONES in 1981. We have an incredible family that is growing in numbers and I LOVE it!  I attended Hardin Simmons University and majored in Art. I am a lover of the one who created the heavens and the earth, my God who wove me together in my mother’s womb. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, a prophetic artist who longs to live a life that is in awe of God, His mysteries and the beauty of His son Jesus! I have always been one who is very visual. When I hear a story I see it. When I read a book I’m there and when I pray for someone I often see pictures for that person.   When I study Gods word, images begin to form in my mind. My work reflects those visions and glimpses of God’s vast emotions.     

 Artists have a unique way of seeing past the surface of their subjects to bring their viewers into new realms. God uses the prophetic artist to cause the shell of hardened culture to crack and to reveal glimpses of glory from Gods heart. I recently read a wonderful explanation of prophetic art by Matt Tommey, “Artists are the life-givers in culture.  We are a pivotal intersection point where the Kingdom of Heaven meets culture. It is there that we have the unique opportunity, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to translate the Kingdom of Heaven into a language that bypasses words and goes directly into the human spirit.

When we collaborate with the Holy Spirit in this dance of Kingdom creativity, His power, His Life and His Light merge with our faith, creative thoughts, imaginations, desires and skill into art that carries the literal presence and power of God. It is in this context that our art, no matter the creative medium becomes prophetic. Every time you create a piece of art, you get the unique opportunity to allow the Father to flow through you by the Holy Spirit to touch the life of the one who is interacting with your work. This process releases the testimony of Jesus through your art – who Jesus is, what he’s done, His presence, Glory, power, grace, mercy and healing – it literally releases the Spirit of Prophecy or the Breath (Wind) of God imparting life to the one interacting with your creative expression.

Because the Holy Spirit can work through anything at anytime with any person, your artwork becomes the place where Heaven meets earth – a table of sorts – where the Father waits to interact with people that interact with your art. It’s there that a divine conversation often begins.” I display my work along with jewelry made from my paintings and hand dyed silk scarves that I call “Acts 19 silks”.  These offer the worshipper an opportunity to literally “WEAR WORSHIP”. I teach various types of workshops which are all directed at pulling back the veil and helping individuals co-labor with Holy Spirit to create prophetic creations. This is also where I do the bulk of my painting. You can contact me at jejones@intgrity.com

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