Day of the Lord

Day of the Lord

         “DAY OF THE LORD”

The prophets Joel and Zephaniah write of THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE DAY OF THE LORD, As I have sat with the Lord asking Him about this "day" and about issues of life and longing to love what He loves and to hate what He hates. Asking Him to reveal to my heart what His heart feels, images began to run through my mind. Colors that have no description, sounds that I've never really heard before. Flashes of light sounds of swords being drawn and clashes of metal as they hit. Then this roar, this deep sound filled with power and authority begins to resound in my heart. Then eyes whose light can not be contained. And a mane that is rich and alive. As He roars His mane moves in one direction as His head moves in the other. The longer I watched, this painting began to evolve. A frame of deep cadmium red and burnt sienna with strokes of turquoise and gold. Embossed leaves in the corners and fighting swords in position on each side. Their handles come out past the boundary on the frame into the painting. The lions’ mane is alive with movement and is swung outside the confines of the red frame. The Lord strong and mighty He can NOT be contained!! If you Know Him it is a GREAT DAY if you do NOT KNOW HIM IT IS TERRIBLE. In the background are seven lamps whose core are as blades of swords that have been sitting in the fire of the Lord. These represent the lamps that are before Gods throne. The sky is alive with light bursting forth and the foreground is hot with purifying flames. Colors full of energy.
This captures my heart!

Something that has begun to happen in my paintings! WORDS have begun to show up in pieces. Ones that I am not aware of until well after the piece is finished. Almost three week this paintings completion I looked and beside the Lion close to the frame in the flames between the mane and the frame is the word “GOD”. I discovered that He signed this piece!!!
I LOVE HIM!! And creating with Him is beyond words!!

1.5 stretched canvas

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