Mercy Seat

Mercy Seat

  “The mercy seat” 

This image was actually birthed during the worship session at a marriage group we are a part of called Reengage . We were singing about the throne room . In one line of the song we sang of the mercy seat and immediately this well worn green loveseat appeared in my sanctified imagination!

 It actually caught me by surprise.

 I had always had an image of the mercy seat like what you see everywhere, a hard place with golden arched wings. I questioned what I was seeing.  Yet, the image would never go away. As though the Holy Spirit was confirming, yes ,this well worn green loveseat was what He was showing me represented the mercy seat!

I knew that I had a longing to paint this inviting place yet, I did not know when I was to bring it into view.

Then I was offered an opportunity to paint live during Beltways 

Word, Power and Spirit Conference.

Suddenly, this well worn green loveseat was back in the forefront of my heart and mind.

I became excited to see what all Holy Spirit was going to weave into this piece. I have painted with Him long enough that I KNOW He always paints in surprises for all of us to discover.

   When I paint I ask Holy Spirit for His insight for each step of the process.Beginning with the color of the gesso which is  the very foundation of a painting. This sweet fleshy pink color is what I was drawn to and what I mixed and began apply to the raw canvas. 

The tender mercies of Gods heart towards us embraced my heart even as I simply laid in this foundation. I knew this was going to  hold something very dear to Gods heart. I sketched in chalk the essence of what I was seeing. Then when worship began that first night Holy Spirit interrupted my “plan”. I found myself picking up colors in my hand that were not what I expected. As worship arose I painted with my hands responding to what I was feeling asking Holy Spirit for each color and movement.

Worship ended that night I stood back and discovered this simple green love seat was sitting a top of a sea of glass. On a spot that you would need to step up two steps if you were to curl up on this inviting place. Behind this sweet spot it was if the heavens had opened and the light, colors and sounds of heaven could be seen and heard.

I began to sense a fragrance. One that was sweet, soothing and caused me to calm and to want to breathe in as deeply as I could! I knew garden flowers were going to be scattered in front of this seat of mercies. 

     The conference ended and I brought the painting home. I know when I paint with Holy Spirit I need to attentively watch and “listen” to a piece before I call it finished.

What I have discovered has humbled me! As I began to look past what my mind could define. The love seat, flowers and steps which were easily seen. Our minds like to be able to define what our eyes see. As I began to allow myself to be drawn past the obvious I discovered the heavens had been opened with powerful subtle images. I began to see an image of one blowing a trumpet over this place,  a lion, an eagle, a dove and a lamb along with many many wings arched over and protecting this tender place.


My prayer for this piece is that each person that takes the time to SEE will allow themselves to let Holy Spirit to take them into the deeper places of Gods heart. That you will find yourself curled up on this well worn love seat filling your lungs with the mercies of Gods heart mercies that are new every morning.

1.5 stretched canvas

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