Pentecost: SHAVOUT wave

Pentecost: SHAVOUT wave

Living water, Mighty Wind,
And Tongues of Fire

May 18&19-2013

When I Heard that the River was going to have a special time of receiving the Holy Spirit on Pentecost weekend I immediately wanted to catch whatever He released on a canvas! I asked David and he said GREAT! As I prayed into what was on Gods heart for this piece I kept having a strong sense of His breath. I recalled when Jesus breathed on the disciples and said receive the Holy Spirit. “Breath” is not something that is easily portrayed! I continued to seek wisdom for direction. I did a few sketches but somehow I knew this piece was going to happen as Holy Spirit released what was on Gods heart! Saturday came and I “thought” I had a plan. How the layers of the piece were to be done. Well, right after I prepared the canvas and gave it to the Lord He changed the “plan”! As I stood in front of it I knew the golden “glory” breaking through would go on first. As the Glory came down a river of living water began to break out splashing everywhere! This background was ALIVE with movement! The Glory was all finger-painted and the river was laid in with a loaded palette knife! I stepped away from the piece and asked Holy Spirit what we were doing! In my spirit I heard the Lord say, “ I’M CLOSER THAN YOU THINK!” Well, I was a little undone with that word in my spirit! I couldn’t wait to see what He had for Sunday!
I woke Sunday morning seeing a huge multileveled splash coming out of the Glory. My spirit could only respond with a “Oh MY!” Worship began that morning and the Holy Spirit quickly hovered over this piece. People could feel His presence when they would peer into the piece. I KNEW He had big plans much bigger than my heart could know for this piece! I began to place the multileveled splash on the canvas. It truly felt like the water was alive! My brush moved all over the canvas almost like writing! 

1.5 stretched canvas

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