The Chair: come and sit

The Chair: come and sit

                       THE CHAIR

This is a painting that was created during a free to create workshop. The question we had before the Lord was, " What does Your Love to me look like?" As I soaked colors began to become vivid to me and then after just soaking in these rich color I began to see a simple chair. I got up and began the process of layer upon layer creating the layers of color I had been in. I stood back and realized there was no room for the "chair" I began asking the Lord where it was suppose to be. As I painted the edges of the piece I turned it over and there was the perfect place for my chair just to sit and be still. I asked the Lord for the colors of the chair and gently He showed me the lavender and glass green. I felt something blowing over the chair after I had finished painting that night I set up the piece and suddenly I began to see eyes and a nose looking at the chair/ at me through the colors!! The next time I was able to paint I began to pull out the image and realized it was a lions nose and the eyes of a lamb blowing over me. I felt the Lord saying slow down and just sit with Me let Me blow over you. I was falling in love with what I was feeling. I completed the mane , or I thought I was painting a mane. Stood back and looked and found a mans face looking at the chair, then a eagle and several other images. I am amazed at what Holy Spirit created in this piece and I'm not real sure what they all mean. I would love to hear your thoughts.

It is very interesting to look at the piece and the meaning of the colors. After the piece was completed I looked the colors up and I was amazed!!
Here is a list of colors and their meanings

                                                      colors and their meanings

Lavender                   Transparency/ vulnerability, fragrance, intercession

Orange                       Courage, passion, dunamis power, fire, harvest, strength

Green                     New beginnings, growth, hope, restorat
The Chair

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