Warrior Bride

Warrior Bride

A call is going out to the body of Christ to
WAKE UP to who you are!!

You are the bride of Christ and Jesus is returning for His bride and
She needs to make herself ready!

Being washed in the truth of Gods Word allowing our false views of God, of who Jesus is of how He feels about us, of the Holy Spirit to be cleansed from our hearts and healed from the wounds of those false beliefs.
To awaken and war for the causes of King Jesus!!! He is a BRIDEGROOM, A KING, and JUDGE. He is JEALOUS FOR OUR AFFECTIONS AND DEVOTION because…….

As you look at this piece you will discover this Bride is every nationality every race!! She is STRONG and wields the sword whose base is a Menorah, our Jewish roots. Her hand is Caucasian, her arm is Asian, her back is Hispanic and Indian, and her far arm is African American. She is ALL nationalities ALL races!!
On the base of the sword you will see a menorah signifying the 7 spirits of Gods a description of Holy Spirit from Isaiah 11.

Arise and Shine,
The King is enthralled with your beauty!!!!!
Reflect His heart as you wield His WORD His perfect LOVE!
There is a harvest awaiting you!
Warrior Bride

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